The aims of doctoral program focus on the future contributions of academics on curriculum researches and provide profound development in teaching practice. We welcome all the professionals currently who are engaged in schools, educational setting and publishing. Studying in this program, students can develop their research abilities to apply into educational practice as well as take advantages of this opportunity to enrich their global and local perspectives on curriculum studies. In addition, they can enhance their abilities on curriculum development in order to improve their knowledge and skills on curriculum researches and curriculum evaluation which benefits to educational efficiency. 

        Founded in 2002, Graduate Institute of Curriculum Studies at National Chung Cheng University is the first doctoral program on curriculum studies in Taiwan. We admit three doctoral students every academic year. In 2008, we established master program and start admitting eight master students for each year.


Courses overview

        The structure of curriculum planning is corresponding with doctoral academic career development. The curriculum designs focus on:

       1.We plan many advanced courses of curriculum methodology and theoretical foundations for students to establish their background knowledge on curriculum theory and practice in order to make students become professional on curriculum research.

       2. The aims of setting up the courses of curriculum administration and curriculum design as well as drawing on advanced courses of theory and practice for students are not only developing their expertise and research abilities of curriculum administration and curriculum design to make students engage in academic researches and professional administration practice on curriculum, but also developing the professionals on curriculum researches in different areas - governments, schools, and enterprises to promote the quality of curriculum.


Characteristics of the Institute

      1. We have a wonderful studying environment. The campus is not only large and beautiful, but also filled with strong ethos of academic research where is suitable for students”¦ professional development and humanistic cultivation.

      2.We provide a serious of courses on pedagogical theories and methodology for students to build up their foundation.

      3. Faculties in the Institute have their expertise on education, and they are also well- experienced in educational researches and practice.

      4.We have wonderful cultivating projects for graduate students in order to enrich their professional knowledge.

      5. We have well-known academic periodicals, theses, books and CDs etc. in the library.

      6. We have wealthy resource for students, including reference room, Mainland China educational resources room, study rooms (two people share one big room), seminar room, multimedia room and lounges. Every doctoral student is provided a personal computer for research.

      7. We regularly hold educational academic events in order to support the developments of educational theory, and reflection as well as innovation on educational practice.

      8. We promote opportunities to communicate with other local institutions and international universities in order to facilitate academic progresses and developments on educational studies.

      9. We establish the tutorial system to help students settle down and provide guidance for their academic career development.

    10. We encourage all graduate students to participate in research projects and cooperate with experienced researchers to elevate their research abilities.

The future development

       1.We will provide advanced courses of curriculum methodology and theoretical foundations in order to set up for students to be profoundly grounded in curriculum theory and practice, and to become professional curriculum researchers.

       2.We will provide many advanced courses on curriculum theory and practice, such as curriculum administration and curriculum design and also consider the importance of both theories and practical courses. Therefore, postgraduates will have professional knowledge and research abilities on curriculum administration and curriculum design in order to improve the quality of curriculum in governments, schools and enterprises.

        3.We plan to regularly host many domestic and international conferences on curriculum studies in order to discuss the newest ideas, and to promote the quality of academic research on curriculum.

        4.We plan to find more opportunities for international cooperation to elevate the level of academic research in curriculum.

        5.We will promote the localization of the academic research in curriculum, and invite curriculum researchers and educational practitioners together to explore the curriculum problem in Taiwan.

Job Opportunities

       We plan to educate our graduates become professional as follows:

        1.Specialists or researchers of curriculum studies or leader in higher educational institutions or research institutes (such as National Academy for Educational Research).

       2.Curriculum leaders in educational administration (such as the Ministry of Education and other local educational authorities).

       3.Curriculum leaders and designers in different levels of schools.

       4.Specialists of program planning or curriculum leaders in educational and cultural institutions.

       5.Specialists of curriculum design or curriculum leadership in private cultural and educational enterprises (such as publishers).



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