Val Rust來台四場Seminars



鄭勝耀老師在UCLA的老師Val Rust








04/10 Week7: Introduction of Comparative Education

          Rust, V. (2002). The Meanings of the Term Comparative in Comparative Education, World Studies in Education, 3(1), 53-68.


04/12 Week8Theory Reflection in Comparative Education

          Rust, V. (1991). Postmodernism and its Comparative Education Implications, Comparative Education Review, 35(4), 610-626.


04/17 Week9: Research Methodology in Comparative Education

          Rust, V., Soumare, A., Pescador, O., and Shiguya, M.(1999). Research Strategies in Comparative Education, Comparative Education Review, 43(1), 86-109.     


04/19 Week10: Global Trends in Comparative Education

          Rust, V., Johnstone, B., and Allaf, C. (2007).Reflection on the Development of Comparative Education, In Andreas Kazamias and Robert Cowan (Ed.), Handbook of Comparative Education. In Press.